Do Exercise Bike "Really" Burn Belly Fat?


Exercise Bike Ireland


We all have come across a stationary exercise bike at least once in our lifetime. While some find it in their gym classes, others may have seen it in the exercise room of a hotel. But have you ever thought of using an exercise bike to burn calories at home? If the answer is “no,” consider giving it a place in your home with Home Exercise Bikes Ireland and see how quickly you get the results.


For those who are worried about belly fat, Exercise Bike Ireland is the best way to shed some extra fats from your body.


How is cycling on an exercise bike good for weight loss?


We all consume calories in the form of food, but do we burn them all? No, and that’s how calories take the form of fats and get layered upon our bodies. Tummy fat is something that ruins your overall personality and can have an adverse impact on your health. Ignorance of obesity increases the risk of life-threatening diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cardio vascular diseases.


Hopping on solid exercise bikes is a great way to burn those calories along with a balanced diet. Biking is an aerobic exercise that increases a person’s heart rate and breathing. The more you breathe during an activity, the more calories your burn.


For cardiovascular exercise, exercise bike Ireland gives you the flexibility to perform an intense workout in the comfort of your home.If you intend to lose weight, an exercise bike offers a great way to burn those extra calories deposited in your body. No more excuses to break your wellness resolution!


How to lose weight using an exercise bike?


Bikes are not built to exercise once a week; one has to develop a routine and give enough time to get rid of those extra kilos from the body. Those who have never used an exercise bike can begin with small sessions, and gradually building up is the best technique. Then increase your speed as you get comfortable with biking sessions at home.


1. Find what works best for you:


Fat loss through exercise is a long journey. However, one can easily accomplish fitness goals by maintaining a regular routine of moderate to intense workout sessions on Excercise bikes Ireland. All you need to know is what works for you, whether small and intense or extended sessions at a moderated pace. Find the right time for training, morning or evening, which you feel is more suitable for you.


2. Use resistance:


The exercise bike offers an adjustable level of resistance to challenge yourself in your weight loss journey. Leverage this function by choosing different resistance levels, and you will get unbelievable results. Enjoy the feeling of biking uphill or cycling outdoors. For those who are new to cycling, it is recommended that you exercise without resistance.


3. Start your weight loss journey with LISS:


Low-intensity steady-state cardio is a form of cardiovascular exercise in which you maintain a steady and low speed for a set interval of time(30 minutes, ideally). Great for beginners, LISS is easy as you will sustain the energy required for more extended periods. LISS cardio sessions for any individual can last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


4. HIIT workout for better results:


High-intensity interval training is the most effective way to reduce those extra kilos from your body. If you are one of those, who want quick results, you can use the HIIT technique to burn more calories in less time. HIIT workout can be best performed on Exercise Bike Ireland, which allows you to adjust the speed and resistance based on the intensity level you pick. Studies have proved that HIIT workouts’ results are twice as effective as exercising at a moderate pace.


How many calories will I burn on an exercise bike?


The number of calories a person burns while biking depends upon several factors, including the type of bike, speed, resistance, intensity, duration of exercise, and weight and height of the person.


According to Harvard University,


● A person weighing 125 pounds is likely to burn 210-240 calories while cycling at a moderate pace, whereas they can 300-495 calories at a fast pace.
● A person weighing 185 pounds can burn 311-355 calories at a moderate pace and 444-733 calories while biking for 30 minutes at a fast pace.



Types of Excercise Bikes:


1. Concept Bike Erg:


Bringing cycling with strength and features, Concept Bike Erg is the latest addition to sport-based ergometers. A sophisticated performance monitor gives you immediate workout results to track your progress. The powerful exercise bike is calibrated with advanced features to compare your distance and times with other people.


2. Indoor Cycle:


Customise your workout with our NordicTrack indoor cycle, which incorporates iFit interactive technology. Burning calories was never so easy. Get a unique fitness experience with NordicTrack indoor cycle, which helps you track your progress automatically with advanced technology features.



Benefits of Exercise Bikes :


1. Great for cardio fitness:


A healthy heart plays a crucial role in blood circulation to different body organs. To ensure the proper functioning of your heart, you must perform cardiovascular activities and exercises regularly. Exercise bikes Ireland offers a great way to carry out cardiovascular activities and contribute to your weight loss strategy.


2. Builds muscle strength:


Exercise bikes are great for building muscles, especially on the lower part of your body. Intense cycling sessions can strengthen your bones without more effort.


3. Gentle on joints:


Worried about your joint problems? Do not stress anymore. Exercise bike Ireland provides flexibility to perform cardio exercises while protecting your ligaments and joints. Thus, home exercise bikes in Ireland are the best option for your family’s wellness.


4. Convenient:


Exercise bikes are convenient to use. Unlike gym equipment, which is complicated and massive, exercise bikes in Ireland can fit anywhere in your home and are easy to use. Also, indoor biking is much safer than outdoor biking and can be performed at any time of the day.


5. Improves your mood:


Exercises, especially cycling, are a great alternative to uplift your mood. 30-minute cycling relieves stress and anxiety and helps to feel better after a hectic day at work.


Final Words:


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle demands strong motivation and powerful exercise equipment. A stationary exercise bike helps you accomplish your fitness goals with a complete cardio workout and eliminates fats from thighs, legs, and abs. There is no other way to burn those extra calories than an intense workout session with home exercise bikes in Ireland.


Set a goal, invest in yourself and kill the fat with Home Excercise bikes Ireland!